• "Nothing is more Important than your health" With over 20 Years of life experience, watching the people I love make good and bad choices affecting their health, I am absolutely convinced that good health should be number 1, without health there is no life to live with.
    To those of you who aspire to live their best body by lifestyle I aim to bring you simple content that will inspire, educate & motivate! People!, We need to make better choices, informed choices, love your body, love you, so you can love the significant others in your life & Be HAPPY!
    My core values HERS: - Honesty Empowerment, Respect, Support. Definition of HERS: that which belongs to her
    I will strive to be HER. We all have choices of how we live our lives, don't walk past & accept mediocracy. Every action you take , every move you make is stronger than any "wish you may have whispered, it is what brings your dreams to life. If that means stepping out of your comfort zone & trying something new, then do it! Sometimes it just means arming yourself with the right tools and support. What type of lifestyle belongs to you?
    Posted: Friday 30 July 2021
  • Introduction
    Body By Lifestyle is designed to provide information about the subject matter covered by my online brand Bodybylifestyle, Bodybyketosis & Appsbylifestyle. Information is provided with the understanding I am not engaged in rendering medical or psychological services. Body By Lifestyle is not intended to replace medical advice or to be a substitute for a physician. My motivation for Body By Lifestyle & long term business goals comes from my desire to want to help as many people as to persistently aim for good quality health , wealth & wellness, in the pursuit of living our best body by lifestyle .
    Every effort has been made to ensure information provided is complete & accurate as possible & should only be used as a guide.
    Posted: Friday 4 June 2021
  • Apps by lifestyle -With the help of a new business model, AppSprout Mobile App Agency, Business XL Affiliate XL & White Glove Setup. I aim to research, review products, share & present solutions, via mobile apps for problems that are invariably shaped & more often that not stem from the lifestyles we lead.
    My online brand Bodybylifestyle & Appsbylifestyle will cohesively compliment my long term business goals to help others to persistently aim for wealth, health & wellness, self worth & sense of purpose all in the pursuit of happiness & love.

    Living a lifestyle with positivity is essential to wade through life’s many tides of turn. With the help of the new business model, AppSprout Mobile App Agencey, Affiliate XL & White Glove Setup. I aim to research, review products, share & present solutions, via mobile apps for problems that are invariably shaped & more often than not stem from the lifestyles we lead.

    Body By lifestyle in partnership with Apps By Lifestyle is born by the very nature of Self- Preservation and our innate desire to look & feel good as long we can.

    This site contains affiliate links to products I have used or reviewed. Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.
    Posted: Sunday 6 June 2021
  • Hobbies & Relaxation
    We all have them, activities that we love to pursue in our spare time, mine was horse riding until that turned into an all consuming lifestyle business starting young thoroughbreds and preparing them for sale at the annual, New Zealand, Karaka Thoroughbred yearling sales. Fast forward to 2021, these days my focus is on enjoying the simple things, I love animals & the outdoors, and together with my husband, Steve we focus our energies towards improvements on our lifestyle block, Ellendene Farms. Warning: This is never ending!
    We both have our hobbies such as Golf, Walking, Art, horse riding, reading, listening to music, learning to play the guitar and my most recent designing my own mobile business app,- apps by lifestyle. We of course take the time to hang out with the grandchildren & our family. As I get older, I am very aware of my adult children's lives & where they are heading in respect to their wellbeing. As a parent we cannot help ourselves from worrying and I am hopeful they will do everything they should towards looking after themselves. Today my thoughts lent towards my second eldest daughter in Australia where Covid 19 Delta variant is now running rampant in NSW. Unbelievably as I write this, I too, am in a snap level 4 lockdown due to a community Covid 19 Delta Variant outbreak . We here in New Zealand have been very blessed, living our lives this past year mostly with some sense of normality.
    Normality! what the hell is that.?
    Normality by definition - the condition of being normal, the state of being usual, typical or expected.
    Lets take this opportunity to reflect as we ask ourselves what is the New Normal, how has COVID-19 impacted you, do you still have passion, motivation and drive to achieve your dreams. Having passion for something can make all the difference when pursuing goals. As of late, my daughter has established a following on Instagram as she continues to set goals & shares her powerlifting journey amongst Covid 19. Reading her latest updates she quotes " we ain't always motivated but we got to get shit done & we show up. If you don't show up for yourself then who the hell will. Are you planning ahead for living your best body by lifestyle. Looking for a new challenge, maybe powerlifting could be your next big thing.
    Posted: Saturday 21 August 2021

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